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Astral Projection Training

Astral Projecting with a Purpose in Mind

Astral Projection Course

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Course Description: 

This course uses a quartz crystal to trigger astral projection. It was designed to make astral projection a enjoyable experience. Most people that have tested this system experienced a projection within 3-4 weeks. However, I cannot guarantee that you will experience a projection within this time frame. I can say that this system is easy, well researched, and safe used as directed.

The course is based on a book called "The Magick of Crystals by Lillian Bradley". The book has been revised. It is currently titled "The Magick of Crystals-A Guide to Mastering Astral Projection". The new edition comes with the course and will be emailed  in PDF or Word format ONLY, first day of class.


Begins: You may register at any time

Course Duration: 6 Weeks

Cost: $109.00 USD

 Topics Covered

A detailed outline of the course


Week 1 Introduction

  • What is astral projection?
  • Understanding the difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming
  • Laws governing the planes
  • Picking and cleansing your crystal


Week 2 Man’s Spiritual Self

  • Your spiritual vehicles: including etheric body, astral body, and mental body).
  •  Astral entities & Psychic Protection
  • Techniques to return to the physical body


Week 3 Your First Trip

  • The role crystals have in astral projection
  • Programming your crystal for successful astral projections
  • Setting goals before attempting astral projection
  • The separation process that normally occurs during astral projection
  • Traveling on your first trip on the etheric plane


Week 4 Time Travel

  • The nature of time travels during astral projections & time itself
  • Time travel to see the past, present, and future


Week 5 Our universe

  • Visiting the planets and solar system
  • Viewing the Akashic Records


Week 6 Advanced Workings

  • Learn to manifest things into your life from the etheric plane
  • Learn to spot instances of psychic attack, and poor health from the spiritual planes

 This course includes  textbook pdf (the magick of crystals),  notes, and mp3 audio lectures.

 Please note* The course requires the use of a small quartz crystal, not included.


There will be no refunds after the course begins.


Students of this course  should  register for the Astral Projection yahoo group. To signup for the group visit here